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Global iMed

Revolutionising Health and Disease Management for the Modern World offering solutions for everyone.


Transform your approach to healthcare with the Global iMed App powered by BHA Medical Limited – your complete health and disease management solution. Experience the convenience of testing, verification, medication, and monitoring directly from your device, anytime, anywhere. Welcome to a new era of healthcare that moves beyond traditional face-to-face or online consultations, offering you unparalleled access and control.

Global iMed caters to a global audience with a platform that is not only customisable and localisable but also offers white-labelling and seamless system integration. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for countries to efficiently address their unique healthcare needs.

Leading the way in health management technology, the Global iMed App delivers exceptional features that outshine its competitors. Its intuitive interface, coupled with sophisticated technology, grants individuals, businesses and governments the power to manage their health and wellness like never before proactively.


A web-based digital platform

This web-based digital platform allows point-of-care facilities to test and capture patients’ data and results, it offers systematic health data filtering and reporting for government, NGO’s or other private institutions enables real-time data analysis and supports effective disease surveillance. This platform can be used to identify hot spots allowing effective management and distribution of medication ensuring timeous delivery to those in need.

Featuring advanced surveillance tools like outbreak tracking and heatmaps, it provides crucial insights for proactive government action and strategic interventions. Together, the Global iMed App and Manager equip governments with robust capabilities for managing disease outbreaks, protecting public health, and enhancing overall population well-being.

The B2C Solution

Take control of your health with ease using the Business-to-Customer solution use the Rightdose Test & Treat App, tailored for UK customers.

In partnership with Rightdose Pharmacy, we bring you the innovative Rightdose Test & Treat App. This user-friendly solution allows you to perform self-tests for conditions like UTIs, Thyroid disorders, and Iron Deficiency. Seamlessly verify your results and purchase medication, all without needing a face-to-face healthcare appointment, ensuring comprehensive health management at your fingertips.

The B2B Solution

Streamlining business Health Management with our Business-to-Business secure web-based digital platform.

Our secure web-based digital platform revolutionises health and disease management for businesses. It efficiently gathers and manages staff or patient data, associates test results accurately, and reports critical findings to health authorities. With our B2B platform, businesses can achieve regulatory compliance, enhance the well-being of staff, patients, and customers, and simplify the entire health management workflow.

The Government Solution

Empowering Governments with the Global iMed App and Global iMed Manager for Disease Management

The Global iMed App and Global iMed Manager offers governments an advanced solution for widespread disease screening, including HIV, TB, Malaria, and COVID-19. It enables proactive public health monitoring and management.

Tailored for global needs, our App features customisation, localisation, white-labeling, and seamless integration, allowing countries to effectively address their specific health challenges.

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For our UK Customers


Rightdose Self-Test & Treat App

Through our exclusive partnership with Rightdose Pharmacy, a fully accredited online UK pharmacy, Global iMed presents a bespoke digital health solution tailored for the UK market. Our comprehensive service, now accessible through the 'Rightdose Self-Test & Treat App', covers every aspect of health management - from self-testing to result verification and prescription fulfilment.

While the brand name has evolved to represent our collaboration, the core of our service remains deeply rooted in Global iMed's tradition of excellence. This strategic alliance ensures that your journey to better health is not only convenient and accessible from the comfort of your home but also supported by the unwavering quality and reliability that defines our platform.

Embark on a proactive health and disease management journey with us today, where ease meets wellbeing in a world of advanced healthcare solutions.

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Patent No. 2316994.9 

– A testament to our innovation and commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

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