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Innovation in Renewable and Sustainable Energy


The Solar Green Tech generator (Model SGT 1200) offers a reliable, eco-friendly emergency power solution for the healthcare industry. It operates in all weather and is lightweight and portable, powered by a lithium-ion battery which is charged by a 120W solar panel. The generator provides 240V continuous pure sine wave 1500W output (3000W surge capability) AC equivalent to domestic supply without requiring fuel or maintenance.


The generator is suitable for emergency services such as HART teams, mountain rescue, police, and military, delivering essential electricity for lighting, tools, and equipment during emergencies. By investing in a solar panel generator, healthcare providers can improve care quality and increase patient safety in challenging conditions.

Solar Green Tech Generator

Excluding VAT
    • 240V pure sine wave 1500W/3000W output
    • 12V 100Ah 1265Wh lithium-ion battery
    • TNS system 30mA RCD protection
    • Power consumption meter
    • Low power and overheated battery management system (BMS)
    • 12V battery power level meter
    • Triple fail-safe relay protection
    • Overload cut-out protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • IP65 all-weather rating
    • Portable and robust hard case design
    • 2 x 240V UK socket outlets
    • 2 x USB power port
    • 120W solar panel
    • Mains charger
    • Carrier handles and pull-along handle with wheels for easy transportation
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