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Portable ECG | 8-Lead & 12-Lead


The simple, reliable way to manage heart health anytime, anywhere.


D-Heart is a portable ECG device that is clinically reliable, simple to use, affordable and connects to a smartphone, empowering people to take their heart health home and into their own hands. Anyone can perform a hospital-level ECG with total autonomy and the results can be sent to the 24/7 telecardiology service or to your doctor.


Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, D-Heart utilizes the camera on your mobile phone or tablet to generate accurate data for effective heart health monitoring and management allowing you to keep track of your heart health, identify unclear symptoms or monitor the efficacy of the medication.


Using the D-Heart will allow you to become an engaged partner in managing your heart health. By recording an ECG whenever you have symptoms, you can share it in real time with your physician and establish a shared decision-making process.


The image-processing and artificial intelligence technology will guide you on correctly placing the electrodes by showing you an image of your own with virtual marks for where you should apply the electrodes.

D-Heart Portable Diagnostic 8-Lead & 12-Lead ECG Device

Excluding VAT
    • Next-Day Delivery (Subject to stock availability)
    • As accurate as hospital-grade ECG (with 12 to 72 seconds of recording) 
    • Perform ECGs anytime, anywhere
    • It is medically reliable, with accurate identification of possible heart conditions using multi-leading ECG
    • Allows you to manage your heart health and detect abnormalities instantaneously.
    • Portable and lightweight, weighing less than a smartphone
    • Affordable, costing five times less than an electrocardiograph, making cardiovascular health accessible to everyone.
    • Simple functionality, easy and simple to use with a step-by-step guide 
    • 24/7 cardiology (data is analysed & reports are sent within minutes)
    • A free downloadable mobile app, compatible across many devices
    • The app guides users around the placement of electrodes for optimal readings
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